Tips on managing junk/clutter


I am sure you all despise clutter and junk that accumulates around the house. You clean and clean and it just seems to come back. It never wants to go away. I am going to fill you in on some of my clutter/junk tips to help take away clutter/junk and keep it away.

First, we need to know where clutter comes from before we can figure out how to get rid of it. Clutter mostly comes from your partner or the others in your home. Funny but true! Let us use our partners as an example. Your partner is on his/her way home. On their way home, they grab the mail before they get to the door. When they open the door, they throw the keys on the dinner table, take their shoes and socks off at the door, and then throw the mail on the coffee table or the dinner table. They walk to the room, take their clothes off, and toss their clothes on the ground or on the bed. After that, they walk to the dresser and toss their watch or accessories. After a long day of work, your partner is knocked out on the bed; and you do not want to yell at them or else you suffer the consequences of getting into a huge argument of how heartless you are to complain about their mess when they are extremely exhausted. Therefore, my friends we have to find ways to work around that mess. We obviously know that is not the only way clutter/junk accumulates.

Let us now learn how to avoid it. TIME is most important when it comes to clutter/junk. Time is the major key. We constantly are complaining about time when all we have is time. We are in charge of the clock. What we do with our time is what matters. We complain, complain, and say there is no time! However, my friends there is time! We just need to know how to organize our time to make our life easier. If you think about it when we do not make time for the little things, we do not have time for the bigger things. Those bigger things were little things that became bigger because we never made time for the little things. Sounds repetitive but its true! (I am taking a deep breath)

So let us repeat our partner’s day but fix it up a bit, so we can make a smaller mess not turn into a bigger mess. Your partner is on his/her way home. On their way home, they grab the mail before they get to the door. They open the door with their keys, and hang the keys on the key hook by the door. Then they take their shoes and socks off at the door, pick the socks and shoes up and walk to the laundry room to put them on the shelf where they belong. After putting the shoes away, your partner then pulls out the mail from under his arm and quickly goes through the mail making sure to throw away the junk mail only keeping the real mail, which goes into a little basket or drawer to look at later. Finally, they walk to their room, take their clothes off, and hang them right away, where they belong. If they are wearing any accessories like watches, they can go in a specific place like a jewelry box or a watchcase. All that took the same amount of time that it took them to toss there stuff in random places saving you a huge mess to clean later which then saves you TIME! MAYBEEEE it took 2 minutes longer. I

I am sure many of you have more than just that mess to clean up. That is a great example of how clutter can easily be avoided.

Other tips that really help and save time:

  • Organize your home to make things easier to put away.
  • Have a specific basket for mail put in a corner somewhere or under a coffee table.
  • Always take things out of their original packages/boxes and organize them in containers, canisters, or jars. Ex: cookies, tea, sugar, and coffee.
  • Do not keep free keychains or free items in your home; it is a disaster of clutterness and junk waiting to happen. Ex: mugs, keychains, Frisbees, and PENS!
  • Do not be a Tupperware hoarder! Do not keep every container you get from restaurants from your leftover food, deli meat containers, or yogurt containers. Buy matching good glass quality containers that last longer. If you have the space, keep a specific cabinet for them.  
  • Organize your spice rack with the spices you always use and label the rest and keep a cabinet just for spices.
  • Keep pantry closet organized by using containers for cookies, chocolate, rice, pasta, etc. Keeps food more fresh and organized.
  • Buy a mini vacuum to clean up mini messes that you plan to leave for later to clean because chances are you will forget and it gets worse or gross.
  • Specific baskets for laundry like one for color, whites, and towels.
  • Do not put random things in small linen closets. Keep your linen closet specifically for its purpose, which is for all kinds of towels, sheets, and other articles used for the home.
  • Keep bathroom cabinets specific to bathroom belongings only. Do not keep other things in there.
  • Have a key hook next to the door.
  • Buy a shoe shelf
  • Organize one room at a time when cleaning to keep it more under control and faster to finish cleaning instead of overwhelming yourself with everything at once.
  • Make specific parts for your kitchen. Ex: Make a coffee/tea area only for coffee/tea, sugar and creamer.
  • When clearing out the dishwasher, make a habit of leaving the random things for last because the random miscellaneous items frustrate you. Ex: measuring cups, whisks, caps, and bottles. Those are the things we usually stuff anywhere. Keep a place for those miscellaneous items.
  • Stack pots and pans big to small and keep it strictly pots and pans. Nothing else!
  • Have a drawer or cabinet just for cutting boards.
  • Always have enough hangers. When there is not enough hangers, forces you to throw them on the ground or somewhere random for when you find a hanger.
  • Color coding clothes always helps too
  • Always stay on top of things to avoid cleaning a larger mess later.
  • Keep Clorox wipes and soap in all bathrooms and any other place that you clean.
  • Never leave items in wrapping. Ex: toilet paper and paper towels. When you do keep them like that, it creates a mess because they are all over the place and not put away.
  • If you have the space, hang most of your clothes because it causes less clutter in the drawers and keeps clothes less wrinkled.
  • Make sections in your closet for handbags, pants, shirts.
  • Keep fridge organized at all times. Make sure you look at dates on food and section items together. Ex: cheeses, fruit, vegetables. You can always buy certain containers for your fridge to help organize. Do not keep vegetables in their bags; it looks chaotic and messy in your fridge.
  • Keep a closet for cleaning supplies or use part of your laundry room.
  • Do not store things under your bed.
  • Do not make a habit of putting random things in mini drawers.

*Hope this helps with getting rid of clutter and junk. Please comment below if you tried my tips and if it worked!




They think you are naïve and young 

They think that it’s ok to walk all over you because you are nice

They think its ok to wait until you leave the room to gossip

They think you are not as important as the others are

They think its ok to not take you seriously.

They think they can pretend to love the people closest to you

They think behind your face they can act in a different way

They think you are not important

They think you don’t know what they are doing

They think you don’t know that they are acting and pretending

What they don’t know… that you KNOW

They don’t know that you are not naïve and young

They don’t know that it’s not ok to walk all over you because you are nice

They don’t know that it’s not ok for them to gossip about you when you leave the room

They don’t know that you are more important than the others that they believe to be important

They don’t know that you should be taken seriously

They don’t know that they should not pretend to love the ones closest to you

They don’t know that they should be real and not act a different way in your face

They don’t know that you are very important

They don’t know that you know what they are doing

They don’t know that you know they are terrible actors 

They don’t KNOW!

You now know and you will not treat them the way you once did and they will feel the difference but you may never say why you changed. It might eat them up inside until you decide you might tell them. That is the punishment for treating others wrong.

As humans, we have hearts and feelings. We all know that because we are all humans.

What you say about others is a representation of who you are as a person. If you do not have something nice to say and you know it may hurt others, keep it to yourself. You never know who could be listening. That human you were gossiping about used to trust you and might have thought the world of you. Now only God knows what they think of you unless they tell you.

Yes, we are human and we do make mistakes but try not to make the same mistake twice. At times, we let our tongues slip but we have to catch ourselves and remember whom we are and what makes this world a better place.

How do you want to be remembered?…..



The Voice within..


I have a voice and I want it to be heard but the anger built inside me turns that anger into sadness, which turns into tears. I want to express myself by letting my inner thoughts scream out of my mouth but the words do not come out as they do when your inner voice is talking to you. It just seems like you are complaining and that you are jealous of “They.” They tell you they want to be fair but their fairness is unfair. They show you they care and get you hyped up for that moment to get what they want from you. When “They”take what they want, they suck all your confidence and momentum dry. You are left with broken promises and your back at square one. .” You want to curl up in a ball and hide away from the world. You wish you could only see happiness as if there was a shield surrounding you to keep away from the sadness and heartbreak. Nevertheless, you uncurl yourself and realize that is not the way life works.  “They” are still there. “They” keep lurking… “They” try to pretend to make you feel better and throw their pity at you. You shove it back in their faces and tell them the energy and excitement is not there anymore. Keep your pity is what you tell them. Now you don’t just have broken promises and zero confidence, you also have a motive to forget about what you wanted and focus on taking what’s yours away from “They” even if it means it will be no ones in the end…. Only then, my voice will be heard.


Exhausted and it feels so good!!!

It’s been a while since I have blogged about my life. We all need someone or somewhere to throw our worries and thoughts. Why not blog about it. We don’t always have our best friend or our special someone next to us to “let it all out!” BLOGGING HELPS!

I have had lots of changes in my life the last month and that’s mostly why I have not had time to write. I have all my thoughts jumbled up right now because I haven’t let it out in a while. This may be a long blog… That’s ok! Read it.. don’t read it.. Who cares?! As long as I let it all out to feel amazing! Remember this blogging thing is all about me and for me to feel good…LOL

Soooo.. my beautiful baby boy has been growing and he is so beautiful and healthy. It hasn’t been an easy three months, but it has been an amazing experience. He is smiling, laughing, and doing all kinds of amazing things everyday. I still am breastfeeding my munchkin because I think it is a necessity. If you can ladies… pump away!! It is very hard pumping a gazillion times a day, but when I decided to become a mother, my husband asked me… Are you ready? Now that I think about it.. I should have really thought about that question more when he asked me. I honestly thought it was easy to be a mother.. I was WRONG! When he asked me I was like, “What do you mean? Am I ready?” Ofcourse I am ready. I was confusing myself… I wanted a baby so baddddd but my want made me not think about how hard it could be… Well.. TOO LATE! Baby Taym is here and there is no going back.

So… no sleep, barely have time to eat and when I can find time to exercise, the energy is not there but hey I am still a trooper because I am still going. Let me tell ya.. it is still hard being a mother but it does get better like mothers have told me.

I feel so exhausted and it feels as if this feeling is never going to go away.. BUT! When I see Taym’s face… its as if all the pain and the exhaustion I was feeling was never there. After he falls asleep, I feel it again. Lol thats ok! I always ask myself, “Am I a good mother?” Sometime you doubt yourself because of how exhausted motherhood can make you. Im tellin ya, I can pump, change a diaper, burp my little boy…all with my eyes closed!Im a pro! Maybe I doubt myself because my eyes are closed half the time hahahha. Sometimes I feel like I am getting lazy so I have to WAKE UP, PULL MYSELF TOGETHER, SHAKE IT OFF, and I say to myself, “JAMILA THIS BEAUTIFUL CHILD NEEDS TO EAT, HE NEEDS YOU TO BE HIS EYES, HIS EARS, HIS MOUTH, HIS A**.. lol HIS EVERYTHING!

YES! I HAVE TO REMEMBER. The question my husband asked me, “Are you ready to be a mother?”

I am ready to be a mother… I am a Mother..

**** I never doubt the love I have and give to my child. I never knew how much I could love such a tiny little being!


Oh, I forgot

Hey fans! I haven’t told you all, but I am going to be taking a trip to see my lovely sister! She just had a beautiful little boy and auntie wants to smooch on him. I will be leaving very soon and I have not even started packing my stuff! Packing for Taym alone takes a day and I have to pack my stuff and part of my hubby’s things. I decided to write another blog post before I leave to my trip to hopefully give you guys some great packing tips. I am sure all of you hate packing just as much as I do so this should help speed up the packing process and keep you sane by the time you’re finished. 

So the key to packing is organization. You need to be organized while you pack. You don’t want to just grab clothes from your closet and throw them in a bag and then throw your accessories on top. It becomes a mess and then you feel overwhelmed and lazy. Stay organized! The first thing I do before I do any packing is a list! Lists are KEY… to staying organized and effective.With a list you also want to categorize most of your items and always have a miscellaneous category. We all know the basics of packing. Clothes, shoes, makeup, shower, etc. This helps you categorize your items for when you are done with your list and ready to actually start the packing. You don’t want to make a list and start jumping all over the place like a kangaroo. For example, you want to pack all your clothes first. You don’t want to have a list that says blue tank top and then deodorant. Keep it under the same topic. I have an example attached below. When I am writing my list, I make my categories first and then as I think of what I am packing I write it down under the proper category. 

I make a list of all the things I want to take with me starting with my hair. Yes, I start from the top of my body and work my way down all the way to my toes! “Hair… ah yes shampoo, conditioner, brush, straightener, hijabs, and pins.” You see? I can’t forget anything when I start from the top of my head. The head consists of a lot of parts. You have your hair, eyes, nose, ears, skin, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.  You would be amazed how many things I forget if I don’t do my body check before I pack. I write down like 30 things just when I am doing my head. “Mascara, tweezers, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, lotion, face wash, etc. You see? It’s crazy how many things we would forget! So, I write all of the accessories and items I need on paper from head to toe and then I begin to pack. Once I have my list made, I don’t have to think too hard and I just start packing things away because I know what I need and I don’t pack it twice or forget. You should see me when I am making my list at work I look so crazy! I look like I am singing Taym’s favorite song. “Head, shoulders, knees and toes.” LOL Yes I multitask at work and I get so much done! It is amazing the things I get done at work. Bills have to get paid somehow and it just so happens I have time to do it work more than home.

Anyways, so when I am packing I follow my list and stay organized. I don’t like to start packing something else before I finish packing what I started. A bad habit that I am guilty of doing is like picking things up as I am in the middle of already doing something. For example, I will be packing my makeup items and then notice the deodorant in my bathroom closet is right next to me so I go and grab the deodorant and put it on the table. It isn’t only one thing, I start to see that I can grab other items next to me and then I see all my things everywhere and I go crazy. I get too overwhelmed. Stay focused on following your list and do one part at a time.

I hope these tips help make life easier and less overwhelming when it comes time to pack. We can’t run away from the packing part of a vacation or a business trip so we might as well try to make it less overwhelming and dreadful. Let’s stay ORGANIZED! I leave Friday morning and I have so much to pack and I haven’t even started! I guess another tip would be to not wait for the last minute.. LOL.. Going to start on my list now while I am at work. I have some downtime. 😉

A break from our routine!

Recently my family and I went on a mini vacation. It was me, my husband and our little boy. We decided to go to Miami. We live in Florida so this was a little getaway not too far from home. We just felt like we had to get away for a little bit to clear our heads and have some family time with our mini family. I made sure to plan day by day to not waste any time. You all know how it is to go somewhere and not have any plans. You end up spending your time eating at random restaurants and spending your time at the mall. 

Our first stop in Miami was at Bachour. It is a very well-known Italian/French bakery in Miami. We started off with brunch and then hit the desserts with our caramel cappuccinos. For brunch,we chose their two most popular sandwiches. I had their amazing Bachour egg sandwich on a delicious brioche bun; and my husband had their crispy chicken sandwich with a side of fries for Taym. It was filling and delectable. After our filling brunch meal, we ordered caramel cappuccinos with a strawberry mascarpone croissant. The strawberry croissant was fruity, flaky, buttery, and filled with mascarpone. Perfection in your mouth!We sipped on our caramel cappuccinos while we chose our next desserts. There were too many desserts to choose from and they all looked so good! After ten minutes of eyeballing the dessert platter, we finally chose the key lime tart and the pear. The key lime tart is made with a key lime filling and topped off with a mango jelly. Heaven in your mouth is all I can say to describe the feeling and taste. The pear dessert is filled with pear mousse, pear compote and almond cake. It was very rich and moist. I usually regret the calories I eat but that day, I didn’t regret one calorie!

That was a great experience for day one of our vacation. After that we spent the day relaxing and sightseeing in Miami with Taym. By the way, this may sound irrelevant and off topic but it isn’t! So, a few days before heading to Miami we bought a new Nissan Armada and it has changed our lives for the better. You’re probably thinking I am crazy saying that, but its true! Taym has despised the car drives and his infant car seat since Day 1; so I really needed to change something about the drive for him. He would cry the entire drive and it made me hate going out. It was hard to focus when driving because of him crying so much. So, besides the Armada being very spacious and comfy, we chose the Armada because it has tvs in the back for Taym to be entertained while we drive. Now we also did change his infant car seat to a toddler car seat so that helps as well. He doesn’t cry anymore in the car and he actually gets excited to sit in his chair and watch his movies. Imagine a 3-4 hour drive to Miami in the infant car seat and nothing to entertain Taym. I used to have to sit in the back the entire ride to keep Taym quiet. My husband felt like he was our chauffer and I was another toddler in the back seat! Now, he is not a chauffeur and he has his wife back!

The next day in Miami we went to Miami Beach. It was a beautiful day outside and there was no rain in sight! Thank God because we were running away from the rain and we needed some sunshine to get some color. While Taym was messing up the hotel room and throwing everything on the ground I was prepping all our clothes and accessories for the beach. I got dressed for the beach and then dressed Taym in his Mickey Mouse swim suit, matching Mickey Mouse crocs, and Mickey Mouse hat. The best part about vacations is the part where we get to dress up Taym. He has special outfits for special places like the beach. I went all out on this trip because it was our first trip together. I wanted it to be perfect!

We finally got to the beach and had to find a place to park which was never an easy thing in Miami! Every time we found a parking spot, someone zooms in and takes it. We finally found a garage and the guy who was working there was trying to charge us more so he can pocket the extra amount. Good thing my husband and I are street smart and we figured him out and made a deal with him that worked for the both of us. HA! When we finally reached to the beach we set all our things down and I started looking for the sunscreen for Taym that I packed. I couldn’t find it!! I looked in all the bags and then I tell my husband, “Where’s the big blue bag?!” Of course he answered by saying that I was the one who packed it all. Well, that didn’t go well! Lol.. I ended up leaving the bag in the hotel room and taking everything else. So, we had no sunscreen for Taym or for the hubby. There was no way I was going home after all that hard work of finding a parking spot. I had to find a mommy! Ilooked around until I found a mommy on the beach and asked her if I could borrow some sunscreen for my son. She was nice and let me use some. So Taym was safe to be at the beach. Now my hubby on the other hand didn’t think he needed any and boy was he wrong! Anyways.. This was kind of Taym’s first experience swimming and playing with sand at the beach. I tried to get him wet and all he did was cry from how terrified he was of the loud waves. He was way too scared to go into the waterand he didn’t want me to let him go. It took about an hour to get Taym playing with the sand and finally got him used to the water. 

The beach was so peaceful and beautiful. I just sat there and tried to take it all in before we go back to reality. I couldn’t remember the last time I even went to the beach. I live in Florida and I never go to the beach. What’s wrong with me? I’m crazy!

When we left the beach my husband was a little upset because he didn’t notice he got any color from sitting there for about 3 hours. After a few hours after we left the beach my husband started to get some color and by the end of the day he was red like a lobster! He definitely felt the pain of sunburn! I guess next time we won’t be forgetting sunscreen. 

That night we had a reservation at the Nusr- et Steakhouse. I was so excited to finally try his restaurant. I always see so much about him on Instagram and I have always wanted to try his restaurant. I don’t know if you all are familiar with Nusr- et, but he is a famous Turkish meat man! He loves marinating, cutting and grilling meat! He has restaurants all over the world. The best meat I have ever had! I never have had such soft, juicy and delicate beef like I had at this restaurant. It was a little pricey but well worth every penny. I consider this restaurant to be an experience and I don’t mind paying for first time experiences. It will definitely not be the last time I go! Taym was very sleepy and tired from the beach and he slept for most of the time we were at the restaurant. He did wake up to eat some yummy mashed potatoes but then went back to sleep. It was nice to eat a meal and not have to get up a thousand times to make sure Taym was entertained. We ended our night with his famous baklava dessert topped with Turkish ice cream. It was amazing! Best experience ever!

The next morning, we went and ate breakfast at a French bakery and drove back home. It was honestly a really great break from our routine. It was sad to go back to reality but that’s life! I am trying to change my reality to make it more relaxing so my husband and I can always have time to go on vacations. Hard work, dedications, and baby steps will get us there. 


I will post the links to the restaurants I went to so you all can try them!


Like if you love knafeh! It is a very popular hot arabic dessert. It is made from akkawi cheese and shredded phyllo dough topped with a fragrant syrup and pistachios.

I plan on making videos in the future showing how I make my delicious desserts!

Now that my little boy is getting older, I am able to bake and cook like before. I am slowly getting my life back to normal.. Patience and time.